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Thank You!

The entry deadline for 2023 Gingerbread Lane was November 1st, 2023

If you missed the deadline, don't worry.

You can join the waitlist by filling out the form below.

We'll be in touch with you shortly

Entry Form

Application Deadline


November 1st

Early Bird Entries

Early Bird Entries are due by Saturday, October 21st 2023

*All Early Bird Entries are eligible for a chance to win

one of four prizes

for 3 course dinner

in Mosaic Grille for two 


Please take a moment to fill out the form

Category ( please pick one )
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!



  • No smaller than 2' x 1.75'
    with 4' height maximum

  • No larger than 3.5' x 4' x4' (height)

Please ensure that boards holding the GingerBread Creations are sturdy and

should not exceed 3.5' x 4'


  • All items used must be
    edible and non-flammable

Except for the frame

Christmas lights and

other decorative items


  • Entries will be display for 4 weeks

Please consider the stability of your creation. 

Entry Fee

No Fee to join for Professional, Amateur, and Secondary School Entries

For corporate entries, there will be an entry fee and it will be donated to Make-A-Wish Foundation.


(Due to limited space, acceptance of entries will be based on FIRST COME FIRST SERVE)


Participants can bring in/set up their entries from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM on either Saturday or Sunday

1. November 26th Sunday

2. November 27th Monday

    Between 9:30 AM - 5:00 PM


Will happen on Saturday, December 30th from 9:00 AM till 12:00 (Noon) 

Due to limited storage space, display will be discarded if not picked up by 12 PM (Noon)


We understand that making your creation is a huge task and a big commitment.


So, before submitting your entry, please ensure you are able to finish your creation and ready to bring it to the hotel on either November 26th or November 27th for a set-up

Thanks for your participation


This event has been a popular event in the town and has developed a local following. Schools, senior groups, and local businesses will be arranging their tours soon. It is a great opportunity to get your name 'out there' or to show your support Make-A-Wish Foundation. If you have further questions, please leave your message below.

We will send you the entry form shortly

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